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EG Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter. NEW!


The FineTek magnetostrictive level transmitter EG series identifies the level of liquids and solutions with high precision and reliability.

This versatile sensor is ideal for continuous level measurement of a wide range of liquids. Application ranges from petrochemical industries, marine and shipping to food and beverage production.

The sensor has a loop power supply and provides direct analog or digital output to the user interface.

The FineTek magnetostrictive level sensor EG series has proven itself due to its durability in a wide range of temperatures, pressures and operating conditions as well as its low maintenance nature.

Operating principle

The sensor mainly consists of magnetorestrictive wires sealed in a stem/rod and a permanent magnet sealed into a float that can move up and down the stem.Electrical current travels along the wires in the stem creating an axial magnetic field. When the float’s and stem’s magnetic field intersect, a torsional force is created with different height levels (see right). The sensor measures the liquid level (D) by calculating the elapsed time between torsional forces. Using velocity and time, distance can be calculated.This action is timely and continuous. A change in float position will be detected promptly via signal output.

Operating principle


  • Absolute positioning output and no calibration required after power failure.
  • Stability and reliablity.
  • Ease installation without calibration & maintenance.
  • Prompt response time, high resolution & high accuracy.
  • Durable structure, dust-proof, withstands high pressure.
  • Oil/water dual level indication.
  • The Max. operation temp. is 200°C.
  • EG3 adopted loop power structure for wire saving.
  • Explosion-proof model available for hazardous environments.
  • Housing of EG3 is IP67(Enclosure)/IP69K(Probe).
  • Support HART or RS485 or 4~20mA output.


  • Liquefied Natural Gas.
  • Crude oil, petroleum's and diesels.
  • Chemical processing.
  • Pharmaceutics and medication.
  • Food and beverages, breweries.
  • Dams, water barriers, wastewater treatment.
  • Power plants, marine and shipbuilding.
  • Liquid Level Indication
  • Tooling or alignment position for processing machines


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