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Our input to deeper knowledge


Our input to deeper knowledge

October 19, 2015 | St. Petersburg

It is with proud that we announce the opening of our brand new LS IS Training Center. Our experienced engineers from Design and Technical departments offer unique training programs for executives and professionals involved in the control and automation of production.

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The first seminar on Application of LS IS frequency innverters was held for listeners of PEIPK (St. Petersburg Energy Institute for Advanced Studies).

The main focus was on installation, configuration and use of LS IS inverters.

LS IS (South Korea) offers a wide range of frequency innverters of different capacities, as for general industrial application (iC5, iE5, iS7, iG5A, S100), for pumps and fans (iP5A), for elevators and cranes (iV5, iV5L) and high-voltage inverters for specific needs (LSMV).

LS IS Training Center First Session

During the workshop one can learn and master the functionality of the frequency inverters.

So far out engineers have developed new PES training programs covering the following:

  • Design of process automation systems
  • Use of frequency innverters, controllers, SCADA systems, actuators
  • Experience in the implementation of the automated control systems
  • Approaches to various automation issues. Optimal solutions
  • Troubleshooting for installation, configuration and operation of the equipment
  • Comparative analysis of the technical characteristics of the frequency innverters by different manufacturers on the Russian market.

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