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PneumoElectroService – technical support

In the structure of PneumoElectroService there is a special department of service and technical support that is responsible for clients’ consultation, equipment diagnostic, project and start-up work, setting, warranty and non-warranty service of the sold products

Services suggested by PneumoElectroService

  • Project and start-up work
  • Warranty and non-warranty service and repair
  • Equipment setting-up

The equipment service and repairing works are suggested by qualified specialists – process and service engineers that have been specially trained and certified by the manufacturers. The engineers from service and technical support department are ready to provide all required field repair work at the place of production and thus to minimize considerably the expenses of our clients connected with down time.

For convenience of new equipment integration on production we suggest detailed calculations, analysis, coordination and start-up work in compliance with all technical peculiarities of the enterprise.

High qualification and considerable experience of our staff allow our specialists to offer complex technical service beginning with spare parts and components attendance up to maintenance operations of complicated systems.


Our process and service engineers are ready to render all round support on all levels of project execution:

  • on-line consultation on all issues connected with assembling, warranty and non-warranty service, diagnostic and methods of debugging;
  • carrying out technical expert examination of the products targeted in inspection of broken parts, determination of malfunction reasons and methods of debugging;
  • selection of suitable products for the replacement of the broken equipment;
  • organization of the seminars for our partners focused on the assembling and service issues of a particular project execution;
  • express mailing of technical information.

Our company offers on-line consultations: icq ICQ 332-785-733 (technical consultancy)

Request our manager: if you have any questions, you can ask them on the phone                     +7 (812) 326-31-00 or via the contact form

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